President’s Message – September 2018

Welcome fellow RIM Gurus to a new Puget Sound Chapter year. I am looking forward to an exciting RIMtastic program year!

Our first chapter meeting will kick off with the topic of being connected and broadening our networking with fellow chapter members. Networking and having personal contacts with others in our industry is an invaluable benefit to our members. Making connections with fellow members helps us to know who to call when facing challenging situations concerning RIM topics.

I recall not too long ago, my supervisor left my section for another position. The records section was placed in a different group and my new supervisor said to me, “I don’t really know what you do.” Or how about when new employees are brought to your section and all the seasoned employee can say is, “…and this is the records section… yep… the records section. They do records.”

Ouch! Are you ready for your 1-3-minute elevator speech to explain what you do and your importance at your agency? Join us on September 12 to share your best ‘elevator speech’ or develop your own ‘elevator speech’ about what you do and how important you are to the agency. Even if you have one, you are sure to improve it at this fun and interactive workshop!

Thank you to all who participated in our interest survey, it provides valuable feedback to the board and helps us with planning decisions. If you didn’t take the survey yet, please do!

We are going to try a few different approaches to our programming topics; I am looking forward to seeing everyone at our monthly meetings.

In case you missed our last meeting, the new 2018-2019 board is:

  • Giselle Kamieniecki, President
  • Karen Hague, Vice President
  • Catherine Wilson, Chairman of the Board
  • Sadie Schaneman, Treasurer
  • Carissa Bourdon, Program Director
  • Gayle Waxon, Secretary
  • Missy Norton, Director
  • Joey Grant, Director
  • Eileen Harke, Director
  • Susan Haigh, Director

We are looking forward to meeting everyone and sharing our experiences with you. We would love for you to share your ideas for chapter meetings and your experiences tackling special RIM projects because we learn the best from experience and sharing those experiences with others.

Giselle Kamieniecki 
President, ARMA Puget Sound Chapter